The Stonkeeper Skeletons

The Stonekeeper – Skeletons

A Skel-A-Ton of skeletons. These are exactly the kind of wicked enemies you will be facing on the first floor of The Stonekeeper. Kind of redundant you might say? Well WE say CLASSIC, because you can never go wrong with enemies made entirely out of bones.  My thought process is:

  1. Skeletons used to be people (at least I think so).
  2. People are the most dangerous living creatures on Earth.
  3. You can only kill a skeletons by crushing it.
  4. Guns wont help you here, since there is a lot of empty space to miss your shot (and because they don’t have any organs).
  5. Skeletons > People.
  6. Skeleton = Perfect enemy.

As i was saying, for the past few days we’ve been working on enemies design and AI. It still looks and feels kind of clunky, especially when the game engine is not completely finished, but testing makes it perfect. We also need to balance enemy abilities and power levels as well, so we still got a lot of work ahead of us.  On the other hand enemy art is almost done. Just look at that cute little skeleton. Also look how vicious he think he is with that sickle and boots.

Skeletons of The Stonekeeper

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