The Stonekeeper Map

The Stonekeeper – Prison

It’s been three weeks since we started crafting and re-crafting the first level of The Stonekeeper. And it’s coming along nicely. We are still planing to add at least 30% more skeletons, because this room could surely go for some more skeletons. Anyways, as you probably already know, if you read the title that is, for the first level we decided to go with the Prison theme. We will be adding prison cells and tortured convicts next week.

Aside from the design we still need to make a lot of layouts, since we decided to go with the hand-made levels instead of randomly or┬áprocedurally generated ones. We kind of felt that generated areas could easily ruin the experience and sometimes feel unbalanced. However levels will still be randomly picked from the list. Below is a test battle layout of the battle arena. What is battle arena you may ask? Well it’s an arena designed for battles, dummy. We’ll be adding more info once all the game concept is completed.

That’s it for now.

The Stonekeeper Prison

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